The Art Of The Title Sequence

We were tasked for homework to browse the website The Art Of The Title Sequence; we looked at 2-4 minute videos of title sequences taken from a variety of different movies. This was preliminary work to our Constructive Assignment to make a 2 minute opening to a movie.

My favourite title sequence was the video to This is England.

Why does the font/lettering work?

The lettering is fragmented and seem somewhat effaced; perhaps like graffiti. This is assimilated to themes within the video such as protests, violence, anti-social behaviour, and general obstreperousness. It looks almost shabby like it has just been spray painted quickly. It relates to the film well.

How does the sound track enhance our reading of the film’s genre?

The song featured is called “54-46 That’s My Number” by Toots And The Maytals. It was released in the 1960s, not when the film was set, but it was rereleased as a single in Britain in 1983, the year in which This Is England is set.
The song was one of the pioneering tracks for Reggae music, and the lyrics concern the arrest and imprisonment of Toot for possession of marijuana, hence the number in the title. The genre of This Is England is a drama relating to antisocial behaviour, so in the sense that the lyrics refer to illegal substances and arrest then the music reflects the general plot of the film. Obviously, the fact that the film is set in 1983 and the song was released as a single in Britain in 1983 there is a contemporary link between the two.

I have learnt that the opening credits do not have to display exclusively names of the cast and the crew of the movie, but also themes within the film itself.


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I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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