2 Minute Constructive Assignment

We have been tasked to present a 2 minute piece of footage of the opening of a film. Although the piece must work as a stand-alone clip it must also be coherent with the rest of the film. The entire film must be planned in a treatment. The footage must establish the genre of the piece and perhaps main themes.

I am working in a group of three with Harry Elvin http://elvinhqegs.wordpress.com/, and Andrew Reid http://reidaqegs.wordpress.com/.

A Brief Ode To Harry

Harry had some really good ideas! Haha he didn’t really. No he did, but he himself felt his ideas were not original enough, but whilst in class he had an epiphany – the result of which myself and Andrew found much agreeable. What if we were to do something a bit different from the other groups? Something which was pushing the viewers taste of the footage to breaking point. Something which would stand out. His exact words were “Ah, guys! I’ve had an idea!”, a statement resonating that of perhaps Archimedes. He then went on to explain his idea of the footage being of simply a dark room. An abhorrent, pungent scene; shivering, head-bowed in the corner are semi nude people. This would be disturbing footage purely designed to be shocking yet gripping. Imagery would be cadaverous and horrific.

My Input

So how could we base a film solely on a room? I thought about it…then wrote the treatment for our 2 minute footage: Honey.


About elmercqegs

I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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