Logo Ideas

We needed to produce a logo idea which clearly showed our Production title and gave an indication of the type of genre our film would fall under.  


This was our first idea. It was simplistic and clearly showed our name. “Hel” was capitalised as a quick reference to hell seeing as Honey densely features suffering and is set in a dystopic future.



We felt this was too plain so added the image of a noose in the background. Obviously this connotes cadaverous themes which reaffirmed Honey’s themes.



 An alternative idea was this abstract and distorted image of a topless skinny man. Obviously this relates to the images portrayed in the opening two minutes of the captives. From a semiotic perspective the image is red perhaps expressing blood, anger, or danger. Some thought it even appeared like a pulsating heart at a glance. The lettering is coarse and scratched relating to perhaps the livelihood of the person, or the indelible sketchings on a prison wall perhaps. The distorted face shrouds the identity of the figure and adds a dimension of horror as well as suffering. However, although this was agreed as the most effective, we decided not to have this as our ident because it was too closely related in terms of subject to the opening two minutes. The imagery would be fundamentally the same but visually different. Whereas this is red and has an image of a semi-nude person holding a certain physique and a certain pose, the shots in the opening two minutes will be dark (and not red) and of a different semi-nude person in a different pose. One would not have an ident of a certain river, for example, and then the opening shot be of a completely different river. It would perhaps confuse the viewer or become visually banal.


Here is a still from our moving ident. The moving ident is of a small child with sparkling eyes smiling – emotive imagery, perhaps connoting innocence and felicity. The child blinks and instantly the picture is distorted and odd shades of red and purple colouring appear, the sparkling eyes which were once pretty are now severely obscured. This is using the same semiotics as described in the last image: there is now connotations of horror, danger, obscurity, uncertainty, and oddities. Obviously these all fit in with themes in Honey.


About elmercqegs

I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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