Media at Lincoln University

And now a momentary break from the 2 minute constructive assignment.


AS and A2 QEGS Media took a day trip to Lincoln University as prospective students to look at the Media facilities and envisage what the Lincoln’s Media course had to offer. Whilst we were there we engaged in a variety of activites which involved the learning and application of media production skills.

– We made a 5 minute game show.

– We broadcasted a 5 minute slot on Siren FM.


Gameshow – LIAR’S BAR

LIAR’S BAR is an exercise the media students complete within their first couple of weeks at Lincoln. It is a paradigmatic gameshow involving a game host questioning three guests whom each present a verisimilitudinous anecdote all with a similar theme. He then decides which two are lying and which is telling the truth.

I played the role of one of the guests. And…ha…the anecdote was actually true. Unfortunately this meant I didn’t have a production role in the exercise but I did learn that timing is crucial in gameshow production. In our first run-through the timings of the diegetic theme tune was off. And in the second run-through the timings of the lighting was off. This video is of our second and final attempt. A team of around twenty of us put this together in under forty five minutes.

Radio Broadcast – Siren FM’s “The QEGS Takeover”

We made a 5 minute broadcast on who we were, why we were at the univeristy, and what we had been up to.

We were split into three groups. One group was to write the introduction to the slot, one was to interview each other on what we thought of the university and what we had been up to, and the other group was to make the jingle.

I was in the group who took the interviews and opted to be the interviewer. I didn’t operate the recording device, but learnt in my part to speak fluently and confidently for the broadcast. I also learnt to make the dialogue attractive: humorous, flowing, and vivid. This was to create more interest for the listener rather than black and white interviewing Q and A style. This helped me understand that mediating information can be more effective and more profound if it is made attractive.

The same concept arose in my mind when making LIAR’S BAR too. The presence of a theme tune was not just a unique indicator for the show, it was also catchy. The lighting was bright, dialogue was also attractive in LIAR’S BAR. If the production at the beginning had been slicker, the whole exercise would have proven my point that attractive media can be the most understandable – the attraction procures interest, interest leads to understanding.

I realise that this is what I should have implemented into my pitch in order to make it as successful as possible. I must remember this concept for when we edit our footage in the constructive assignment.


About elmercqegs

I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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