Evaluative questions: 3, What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Our film would be fully produced by a British production team on British location and so would probably be funded by the UK Film Council. The UK Film Council themselves are funded by the National Lottery but do not have the vast financial assets which American Hollywood production companies have. Considering their limitations of finance, the rights and licensing of distribution would probably have to be sold to various distributors.

– The film Dog Soldiers by Neil Marshall was a British production and was distributed by Pathe Distribution Ltd. The film grossed c£1,200,000.

– The film Love Actually by Richard Curtis was a British production and was distributed by the more lucrative Universal Pictures. The film grossed £155,000,000.

Obviously the production and distribution budget of Love Actually far surpassed Dog Soldiers. We believe, however, that our film would be too lowly distributed if we sold the rights to Pathe Distribution. We also think Universal may not buy the rights for their distribution because the income from the film would be inproportionate to the cost of distributing. So we would probably sell our distribution rights to a happy medium like Danny Boyle’s 28 Weeks Later which was distributed by 20th Century Fox UK and eventually grossed £40,000,000.

I would also sell our television rights to Film4 after 2 years because Film4 exhibit a vast amount of British films (and recently Hollywood films too) and is a popular film channel in Britain.


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I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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