Evaluative questions: 4, Who would be the audience for your media product?

In my post “Planning” I stated thatthe violent, sexual, and drug related themes of the treatment, combined with the brutality of the 2 minute footage we intend to create, surmounts to us aiming to produce a film of an 18 certificate and specifically targeting 18-30 year olds. This aim to produce a film for the younger sector of an audience above 18 is due to the fact that the leads are teenagers and young adults and the explicit nature of the 2 minute footage, as well as the whole plot, could be perhaps distasteful to an older generation. So some older people probably wouldn’t like some of the imagery

British Board of Film Certification state that to certify a film as 18 their “examiners look at issues such as discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behaviour, language, nudity, sex, sexual violence, theme and violence when making decisions. They also consider context, the tone and impact of a work (eg how it makes the audience feel) and even the release format (for example, as DVDs are watched in the home, there is a higher risk of underage viewing)”. Clearly our aim of certification conforms to BBFC’s 18 certification guidelines.




-Almost all the characters are under 30 year olds, and the treatment does not denote any themes which would particularly interest an audience older than 30.

– In the 2 minutes of footage the slaves are not depicted to look over 30.

– The music in the footage we made is modern and abstract and would appeal to a younger audience. The special effects on the shots made our footage appear like a modern movie and not a more traditional one.

From these three points and the certificate we aimed our film to fall in to, we agreed we are targeting 18-30 year olds. Due to the gritty imagery, violence and male dominated cast we are aiming more towards male 18-30 year olds.

In our questionnaire we asked a question pertaining to this Evaluative question: “Who would you watch this film with?


Group of friends,



The results are as follows:

A younger audience of over 18 would group together to watch a movie (a social gathering etc.). It is unlikely that groups of people above the age of 30 would meet up to watch a movie together, therefore our questionnaire shows that our target audience remains as 18-30 year olds.


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I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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