Evaluative questions: 5, How did you attract/address your audience?

This is how we addressed the 18 certificate we expected our movie to fall in to.

Again, the BBFC stated on  their website that examiners for 18 certificated movie “look at issues such as discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behaviour, language, nudity, sex, sexual violence, theme and violence when making decisions. They also consider context, the tone and impact of a work (eg how it makes the audience feel) and even the release format (for example, as DVDs are watched in the home, there is a higher risk of underage viewing)”.

I have selected passages from my treatment which show how our film addresses the expected 18 certificate.

– “Dobson is a human trafficker” = Discrimination

– “Brash conversations” = Language

– “Hard drug habit” = Drugs

– “Scratching addict” = Drugs

– “They take heroine” = Drugs

– “Markie shouts comments at Honey” = Language

– “Infrequent, horrific shots of the holding room are shown throughout the feature” = Horror, Discrimination

– “The slaves are all semi nude, male, and severely malnourished.” = Discrimination

– “Dobson and Big are aggressive towards them.” = Violence

– “The Baltic shop owner is fuming and starts shouting” = Language

– “Dobson severely beats Honey” = Violence

– “he is drowning in dark, stagnant water.” = Horror.

– “Weasel is beaten” = Violence

– “He dreams that night of a world…with Elizabeth” = Sexual

– “Honey has a long and climatic conversation with Dobson” = Language

– “Harry replies never to call him Honey, and takes Big’s knife from on top of his coat and kills Dobson in a haze of tears and screams.” = Violence

– “he sees Markie having sex with Elizabeth” = Sexual

– “They baton the back of his legs and unnecessarily mace him.” = Violence

– “He is violently cuffed and the closing shot is of Honey’s bleeding face being grazed agains the London pavement.” = Violence.


Although our 2 minutes of footage does not feature all these trigger words (Violence, Drugs, Discrimination) which BBFC has stated, our treatment clearly does.

Our two minutes of footage did however depict Discrimination.

And, as stated in “Evaluative questions: 2, How does your media product represent particular social groups?”, the questionnaire clearly proved that we successfully portrayed abused minors with ambiguous nationalities.

In “Evaluative question: 4, Who would be the audience for your media product?”, I stated that “the music in the footage we made is modern and abstract and would appeal to a younger audience. The special effects on the shots made our footage appear like a modern movie and not a more traditional one”, and therefore we are aiming to produce a movie for 18-30 year olds.

This is how we did this:

The music we produced was made of synthetic, computer-generated sounds and not from an orchestra, or traditional instruments like a piano, guitar, or drums and so forth. This would appeal towards perhaps a younger audience over the age of 18 who would listen to more modern music, rather than a generation more accustomed to listening to music produced by the said more traditional instruments.

Some shots have special effects which may not have been used in films of an older generation mean that this film is even more less appealing to an older, more traditional viewer. Again though, this means it is more appealing to a younger viewer who is over 18.

Note the music and the modernistic shots from 1.15-1.26 in our clip below:


Furthermore, in our questionnaire we asked:

“Although distressing, would you expect that a certain audience would find the clip stylistically appealing? Yes or No?”

100% of people said Yes.


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I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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