Evaluative questions: 6, What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Throughout my perennial production process, I have encountered three specific technologies: Final Cut (editing software); LiveType (text and graphic production software); and the technological equipment we used to shoot the film with.

Final Cut Express HD

Throughout the process of making Honey I have learnt, to a sound degree, how to use the editing programme Final Cut. In my post “Anchoring” I had to use Final Cut on my own for the first time to select 30 seconds out of a 10 minute clip and edit it to make it appear as firstly a conventional Horror film, and secondly as a conventional Comedy film. Here is the clip of the 30 seconds anchored as a Horror. I have chosen this one because I edited it more thoroughly than the Comedy anchor.


I learnt how to cut specific parts of footage out (my selected 30 seconds out of the ten minute clip); how to layer music over the top of this and express cresecendos and diminuendos at desired points; how to change the colouring on the footage, and how to layer subtle visual effects on.

Whilst making Honey, this process of selecting specific parts of footage out of reams of it became important. With over half an hour’s worth of footage and around twenty different shots we had the onerous task of trawling through all this and selecting and extracting desired clips for editing cultivation for the actual 2 minutes. The layering of music and knowing how to use it to emphasise certain moments was very very important considering the music plays an imperative part in our film and not just an addition to the visuals. We made it marry into the shots well. Also, considering our film held a very specific aesthetic, it was important that our colouring remained coherent and deliberately dull and lifeless. The addition of visual effects like the “Dip to Colour Dissolve” feature which we applied to the transition between shots gave a coherency in the colouring.



In my Anchoring assignment I also learnt and cultivated skills on LiveType which would also become important in the making of Honey. Here is my Comedy anchor which I believe expresses my use of titles better than Horror.

Although the purpose was to anchor the Comedy genre it was essentially an exercise, so I experimented with a variety of titles. LiveType gave me a vast choice of options of titles and fonts which I could alter in colour, size, positioning on the screen, and its duration on screen.

In the making of Honey we had to include titles. Although we did not use LiveType the skills I learnt did come in useful and we created titles to the effect we wanted – a black screen with a simplistic font (we were aiming for simple!  


In the shooting I learnt how to operate the camera and the lights. Both were very easy and did not take over five minutes to be fully verse myself in.




One feature which did involve a complicated technical procedure which me and Andy learnt from Mr Grant is the pull-focus shot which involved manual zooming on the camera. This pull-focus shots are displayed between 19-22 seconds, 57-63 seconds, and 67-71 seconds.


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I am 16 years old and studying at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
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