Media institutions

1. 5 media sectors and one leading profit making company for each sector.

– Film (Warner Bros)

– Television (Sky)

– Music (Island Records, part of Sony)

– Radio (BBC)

– Magazine (Time Magazine)

2. Name two independent music labels.

– Hassle Records

– Big Scary Monsters Records

3. Why is some music download illegal?

Artists will lose business if their music is freely accessible on the internet, so to counteract this establishments like iTunes have been created so audiences have to pay to reach the music.

4. Who owns the BBFC?

The BBFC is a non-governmental organization which is funded by the film industry. Its president is currently Sir Quentin Thomas and its director is David Cooke.

A rather sensuous picture of Quentin above.

5. Name 3 organizations that own British newspapers.

– Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation owns The Sun, The News Of The World, The Sunday Times, The Times.

– The Independent is owned by the Independent media and newspaper company.

– Trinity Mirror owns the Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and The People.

6. Why does the BBC have no adverts?

The BBC is a public service and is free from commercial interests thus does not advertise. See the BBC policy for advertising here

7. What is OFCOM?

OFCOM is the communications regulator. See their definition on their website

8. What is MP4?

MP4 is the development on the MP3 and makes available other kinds of media such as videos and applications rather than just music and radio.

9. Why does the sound regularly disappear on the live BigBrother feed?

There is missing pieces of audio where the dialogue between the housemates breach viewing regulations. These breaches may concern profanities or accidental advertisement.

10 . Who owns Channel 5?

The Channel 5 website reads:

Channel 5 is wholly owned by Northern & Shell. Northern & Shell was founded in December 1974 with the vision of becoming a significant force in British and worldwide media. That ambition was developed through a broad portfolio of magazines and broadcast interests and came of age with the acquisition of Express Newspapers in November 2000. Today, Northern & Shell owns four national newspapers and is a 50 per cent joint venture partner in two more in Eire. It also dominates important parts of the consumer magazine market in the UK and worldwide with 12 foreign editions, operates in all major areas of publishing and has diverse interests in television, print, distribution, investment and property.

11. What happened as a result of the Hutton Report?

The Hutton Report is an extremely complex tale of the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. David Kelly, the authenticity of the September Dossier on the Weapons of Mass Destruction, the decision to go to war in Iraq on falsifiable pretences, and the BBC’s criticism of manipulative journalism to avoid a war in Iraq. In terms of media, the Hutton Report saw the resignation of many key decision-makers in the BBC including the then director general.

One person fired said “This report casts a chill over all journalism, not just the BBC’s. It seeks to hold reporters, with all the difficulties they face, to a standard that it does not appear to demand of, for instance, Government dossiers.”

The BBC’s own ethical stance on the war on Iraq lead them to demote the war in Iraq through unfair journalism. The corporation recieved heavy criticism and after the resignation of the director and many others the BBC – a corporation designed to purely relay information with no commercial (or in this case political/ethical benefit) – they are going to attempt to relay fairer and non-biased information.


Although magazine publishers earn a lot from the people who buy the actual magazine, profit is mostly made from companies who buy advertisement slots in the magazines.


ITV’s license holders



Like magazines, websites can profit from having viral advertisements on their pages as well as affiliate deals with other websites.



The ASA will investigate and send a notice to ClearCast to remove the ad if it is deemed necessary to take it off.



The biggest film industry……

Bollywood, mate. Dutifully keeping the world cringing at all-singing-all-dancing, melodramatic nightmare viewing experience. 



BBFC sorts out the classification for video games. They’ve banned a few I wanted to play on. Silly Quentin.






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